A daunting prospect for me was figuring out how to tackle this. I knew I really wanted to do a film poster style illustration featuring the new Superman, but figuring out how to go about it, the designing of the poster layout...
Something about Superman and the awesome legacy that we all know and love makes it hard to touch and I have to say, Zack Snyder, Christopher Nolan, and Hans Zimmer, scoring the movie, along with everyone on the production, they all deserve massive credit from what I have seen and heard so far. They honour the Characters, the Story, the Legacy with a new spin and look that is quite different but I have totally bought into it. And so, I really wanted to try and give this poster art a feel of the new film but a different look and an alternative to the photographic posters that are being used to promote the film.
I thought about it for a long while, toying with so many ideas, that just didnt cut it - was I trying to be too clever...? then it hit me. It's the Man Of Steel...! I need Superman, front and centre, looking hard as... 'Steel'... and that was the best place for me to start.
I really wanted to show Superman's heritage, a little of where he came from, his birth Parents on Krypton and also his relationship with his Father on Earth - these are the foundations of who Superman or Kal-El is and grows to become. It was important for me to have it in there. Scouring the internet for reference material, there actually wasn't that much to my surprise, so I did the best with what I could. I can not wait for this movie, the trailer is possibly one of the greatest ever created... Bring on the Man of Steel!!
Available this weekend at Hero Complex Gallery

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