When creating the poster art for the film Valley of the Sasquatch I really wanted to attempt do something different. After a meeting with the Directordiscussing the film we came to the conclusion that  we wanted to keep a certain mystery to the poster in a way that harkened back to the genre films that this pays great homage to.
After my initial sketches we went through to rough concept to better show the client and then once approved straight into final artwork. I played with a few variations on lighting including a sun lit and a moon lit variation but we all kep coming back to the original... sometimes the first idea is the best one for a project.
Very fast rough sketched ideas attempting to nail the concept (using Paper by FiftyThree)
Initial One Sheet layout sketch in Photoshop
One Sheet layout with suggested colour with logo I created and billing block in situ for client reference.
Variation on the Shafts of light to give a different overall feeling to the poster.

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